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Shares Basics (Class 12)

Free Live Class What is Share? Company Perspective Types Why Invest?

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Who says buying a stake in a large company or being part of big corporates like Reliance, Tata, SBI, etc. is a very big deal? Well its actually not because one can do so the same with amount as low as Rs.400 and as high as Rs.2000. Sounds Cool. Doesn't it? But that's the sweet reality. Want to know in detail? Fret not Hundredon100 is with you. In such unprecedented times we bring you the concept of shares (11 and 12 Grade perspective), where very easily with real world case studies you will surely be able to solve this overvalued mystery. Still thinking well its free. Just click the button and book it.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation for complete refund is only available before the commencement of 3rd Session on all the paid bookings.

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